Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Surinamese roots

So this month my blog will be all about my Surinamese favorites. But before I share my recipes with you I'd like to tell you a little more about my beautiful homeland :)

Suriname is located in the northern part of South America. It's direct neighbors are Guyana, French Guyana and Brazil. Although the Atlantic Ocean embraces it's southern borders, you will not find any white sandy beaches here. Instead we have brackish water near our shore and sweet dark waters inland. Not to worry, the water isn't dirty it's just turned dark due to the many leaves that rest at the bottom of our rivers and creeks.

 Map of Suriname  Weapon of Suriname Flag of independence

Suriname still has a lot of unspoiled forests, beautiful waterfalls and even some mountaintops to explore. Surely an abundance of natural treasures awaits you. Some great spots to enjoy these sights are Nature resort Kabalebo a luxury resort where you can hike, swim, fish, spot exotic animals and many other enjoyable activities. Overbridge a riverside resort much closer to the capital Paramaribo for a weekend trip. And Berg en dal Resort where you can whoosh through the trees on our very own canopy zip line.
There are many beautiful things to see which don't require overnight stay. Like Cola Kreek, a small creek where locals go for a picknick and a swim. Or Brownsberg a nature park perfect for a hike and a dip in the refreshing waterfalls. There is so much to see and do. For more info on Suriname's natural treasures check out this link of STINASU the Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname.

Waterfall Plantage River

The history of Suriname is one of colonialism, slavery, great migrations, independence, military coups and many other intrigues. It is far to expansive to summarize here. If you'd like to learn a little more some interesting books are "Suriname Discovered" and "De geschiedenis van Suriname." And my latest discovery a blog about books on Suriname: Buku – Bibliotheca Surinamica.

Suriname's population is a jumble of different ethnicities  The biggest ethnic groups consist of indigenous Indians, Creoles, Javanese, Indians (from India) and Chinese. In terms of language you will find a very similar situation as in Malaysia. We have an official language Dutch, a local language Sranan tongo (which is spoken by all) and besides these all different ethnic groups speak their own mother tongue as well.

 Print of slaves to the field  Surinamese Indians  Print of Jodensavanna

I'm sure by now you understand this cultural cocktail makes for lot's of different yummie foods, we all consider to be Surinamese! Hmmm... might have gotten myself in a lot of trouble :)

Ah well, come back soon to find out what my first recipe will be!

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