Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Nature resort Kabalebo

Nature resort Kabalebo is a hidden gem in the midst of the jungle. It offers a variety of accommodation types from die hard camping to luxury rooms with aircon and hot water! You can either choose to adopt your activity package to your personal preferences or simply let someone else do the thinking and enjoy whatever comes your way. I guess it won't surprise you to find out we did exactly that :)

But before we got down and dirty we we're swooped up in the sky to actually get there. The flight took about an hour and upon arrival we were greeted by our hostess Vivian and a cool glass of lemonade. Hmmmm just what we needed. After a little welcome we were escorted to our rooms which were incredibly clean and comfortable. There was an extra blanket and two hammocks for us to use as we pleased. Also present were some beauty supplies like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel, you know the stuff you'd expect any hotel to have but then you remember you're in the middle of the jungle and you feel so very pampered!

Anyways after a quick change of clothes we were ready to go on our introductional stroll through the jungle with our guide Terryl. We didn't need to go very far as the resort is like a tiny tiny village that is literally surrounded by the purest of nature. What an awesome back garden to have! Next was a relaxing boat trip accross the Kabalebo river with our boatman Feddé. Oh the sights we saw! After a a yummie diner I climbed in to my comfy bed and before my head hit the pillow: K.O.

I'm not going to give you a detailed day to day account, cause this is one of these things you need to experience for yourself. The only thing I can and will say is that the team at Kabalebo tried there very best to make the most out of our time there. There was always a cool drink available to drench our thirst, a friendly smile in reply to any of our requests and good food to full our tummy after a hard day of exploring the beauty around us. I am grateful to all of them for giving me this experience of a lifetime!
Up in the air Forrest grapes Boat house
Walking tree Umbrella mushroom Pokai tongo
Baas Feddé Sula Kabalebo river
Find the monkey  Refreshing sula dip Relaxing in the hammock with misty mountain view

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