Leather Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Pretty leather collar and very easy to do. 
Will take you an hour at max and you can embellish as you like, using studs or whatever or keep it plain and simple.

I actually had all the materials at home.

At these moments I'm so happy I keep scraps of everything ;)

To make this lovely item you will need:
- some leather fabric
- a metal chain of your liking
- 6 small open metal rings to match your necklace
- 3 medium open metal rings to match your necklace
- metal clasp to match your necklace
- needle or a revolving hole punch

I adapted the template from the good people of Honestly.. wtf to fit my desire. I mostly needed it because of the inner neck line but it was perfect in every other way as well. Nr. 1 is the one you'll need for this project, nr. 2 is their original template and nr. 3 is just an extra one I threw in for free..  ;)
I cut the template to be very easy to adapt, that's why you have two lines at the bottom. The inner line is my final measurement. I did it this way so you can decide for yourself how steep you'd like your angle to be. If you use the outer line, your pieces will touch each other when worn.

Anyway take your template and outline it with pen or pencil on your leather. Do so on the backside aka the side you will NOT be seeing. Then cut it out. Revert template and repeat.
Now with your needle or hole punch make a small whole where you will join the two pieces together. Do so on both pieces and use one of the medium metal rings to join.
Next make a hole in the upper corners of your collar (two holes per piece). Do so on both sides. Insert one of the small rings in each hole. Connect the outer rings with your chain. Just put it on and measure out the right length for you. Now connect a small piece of chain, about 1 cm, with the inner ring. Also connect the other side of the small chain with a small metal ring to your chain, just so it fits you like a proper necklace.
Check to see if the length of your chain is right and lastly connect your metal clasp and medium metal ring to your chain. You can also add a charm as a special feature to spice things up a bit.

Tadaaa, purdy huh ;)

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