Friday, November 16, 2012

Addis Abeba

If only I could say that I took a plane to sunny Ethiopia... but no I took the tram to Addis Abeba Ethiopian restaurant in Amsterdam to have diner with my mom :)

We had some Ethiopian bread with spinach and cheese to start. It didn't look like it would be tasty, but it really really was. The cheese was soft and homemade and the spinach was really nicely flavored (sorry no pictures).

We then had a 50/50 serving of injera with meat and vegetables and just vegetarian toppings. To complement it all I had an ice cold mango beer served in a calebash to add an exotic touch to it.

It was delish as always! I especially liked the spicy red lentils. And the simmered pumpkin was very tasty as well. It was cooked perfectly with just a bit of bite to it.

The restaurant offers a variety of set menu's with a mix of dishes, but you can also indulge in their elaborate stews or fish specialties.

Do check out this little restaurant sometime. These mom and pop places are starting to disappear and what a shame that would be.

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