Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Totoro amigurumi doll

Totoro amigurumi doll
I made this super cute Totoro with the help of  Heavens Hell Cat free pattern!
Yes, it really is FREE and has been online for years.

This was one of my first amigurumi projects and it turned out really well considering my lack of experience at the time. That's an other thing I love about amigurumi, you don't have to be super skilled to make something awesome.
 Totoro amigurumi doll Totoro amigurumi doll  Totoro amigurumi doll
A few tips:
* Mind your yarn tension. Like always! You need the same tension everywhere, especially on the torso, or your piece will be wobbly.
* When joining parts, try to go for a seamless join. It's not always possible, but here's a great tutorial to show you how.
* Do make Totoro's little white friend or he will be sooooo lonely. Golden Jellybean has these cool video's that could help you with the tricky bits.

Thank you Lucy for being such a good sport and sharing your love for Totoro with us!

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  1. Totoro...♥♥♥ - Yumi Fujiki from Brazil.