Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dried apricot and pecan cake with a dash of rum

I had set out to make a date and pecan cake and had already put almost all my ingredients in place but upon inspection of my dates they seemed to have gone bad :(
After sulking for a few minutes I decided to bake anyway and searched for a recipe which called for similar ingredients. I eventually choose a dried apricot and pecan recipe that seemed incredibly easy so finally the baking could commence!

The recipe was indeed easy breezy and the cake turned out nice, but it was not wow... Maybe because I still had my heart set for that date cake I dunno. I think this recipe is best suited for a bunt cake or a loaf cake, which i did not do since I used a regular round tin, but done up with a big puff of whipped cream and nice cup of tea, it was just as lovely!
So there you have it: Dried apricot cake with chopped pecans and a dash of rum.
You can find my recipe here!

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