Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Japanese doll Amigurumi

I love making Amigurumi, and here and there I might change the pattern a bit, but I am definitely not that skilled to make up my own patterns! But then again it can be good fun searching the web for that one specific pattern that matches your mental picture ;)
So a few months ago when work was a bit slow and I had a lot of time on my hands I looked for a Japanese doll pattern. All About Ami who is super skilled in making Amigurumi had just the one I was looking for! She calls it a Chinese New Year doll, but I decided she's Japanese ;)
Of course you can pick and choose your own colors but since I was making this for my baby niece who has a red sakura themed room I stuck with red.

The doll was not difficult to do, but some parts like the hands and hair ornaments might require a bit of fidgeting because you have such a small space to work in. I also found that you really need to keep your yarn tension in check when doing the hair part because it should be almost flat like a coaster. If you work to tight the hair will become a bowl-like shape and won’t fit the head properly. I also made a few changes to her pattern for the dress and hands. Instead of doing a tube for the dress, as her pattern suggested, I did a cone and made it out of one piece instead of two.

My sister loved the doll and all my friends requested one too. So thank you  All About Ami for your lovely pattern!

You can find the changes I made to the pattern here.

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