Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chinese New Years Diner

This week was my uncles Chinese association's yearly new years diner. We are always invited and always happily comply! Usually these events tend to be a combo of dance and singing performances, a raffle and of course good food. Being totally fake Asians, we don't speak any kind of Chinese. No Mandarin, Hakka or Cantonese, really nothing at all. So, we usually just enjoy the food and join the crowd in applauding when it seems appropriate :)

Benelux Tsung Tsin associationassorted meatsshrimp and mushroom soup
peking duckbroccoli and mushroomssweet and sour pork
seafood noodle basketsautéed shrimpsdon’t know what this was
fruitdessert soupraffle tickets
Happy Chinese New Year!

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