Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cuppies with Love


In a few day's I'm turning 28... Where did the time go?????? Like wtf!!!!!!
Let's just say, time flies when you're having fun :)

Any whose. I thought I could seize this opportunity to treat my colleagues to some sweets and try out something new. The idea was to make a bouquet of cuppies, so I decorated my cupcakes in shades of pink and white. I did some roses, rosettes and swirls. Added some hearts, flowers and shaved chocolate curls and poof my super cute cuppies were done! The bouquet part however fell through 100%. The cupcakes just wouldn't stay on their skewer... boohoo... So the bouquet was of. Ok whatever, who needs that anyway!

In the end I just put them on a serving tray with a little note telling them the who's and why. That looked fine as well :) The next challenge was getting them to work in one piece. In the end I left my personal bag at home, put all the trays in a big shopper bag and very very carefully carried them on the metro... and the train... to work... It is at times like these that I'm very thankful for simple things like anti slip cloth!

Fortunately the cuppies were a success! Everyone loved them and so did I... Muhahahaha.

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