Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Korean Garden

So my friend Pascal and I got together to try Korean Garden. Actually I wanted to go to Yokiyo but apparently they don't take reservations for the DIY bbq if you're just a party of two :(

At Korean Garden they serve a very acceptably priced mix and match set meal for either €22,50 (set A) or  €25,50 (set B). So we gave it a go and ordered the B set. That got us a salad with fried chicken and fried salmon, surimi crabcakes, tempura vegetables and beef bulgogi. The food was ok, but was missing the strong spicy flavors that typify Korean cuisine. Staff was attentive but as the place wasn't very busy they seemed to not really know what to do with themselves. Overall we had an ok diner but this was a typical one-time-is-enough-visit.
salad salad Surimi crabcakes
Tempura Ice cold beer Beef bulgogi
* As it took me quite some time to actually write about this diner, Korean Garden now has a shared dining concept for €20 p/p. I thought I'd mention that for those of you that would like to check them out.

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