Saturday, September 15, 2012

Hakata Senpachi

The other day I went for a bite with my good friend Pascal at kushi restaurant Hakata Senpachi.
I have to say this was the first time I really resented my vegetarian resolution since I know their kushi's are really nice (perhaps this was the beginning of my downfall...). Either way I decided to take the opportunity to order some of the dishes I've been wanting to try.
So we ordered some zaru soba, negi miso onigiri, tsukemono and some quail egg, eggplant and mushroom kushi. Pascal also had the karaage chicken and some other kushi's, but I totally forgot which ones.
I've wanted to try zaru soba for a very long time and it was nice, but soba is just not my favo noodle ever. The onigiri however was delicious. You could really taste that it was freshly made and the salty miso went very well with the negi onions. The tsukemono was also very tasty and I love how they still had a bit of a bite to it. The karaage looked so crisp and yummie. Had to really restrain myself!
The kushi's were yumm as ever. I love how they serve them on a plate of chopped cabbage. It looks really pretty and absorbs all the fat from the grill (sorry forgot to take a picture).

And then Pascal totally surprised me with this super cute Hello Kitty phone sleeve he'd bought in Japan.  
 A perfect ending to a lovely evening ;)

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