Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to my baby girl!

Today is the first ever birthday of my baby niece! So happy to have celebrated this joyful day with family and friends. My sis' had the party at this farm like location. It was super cute and very child friendly, which was very necessary cause the place overflowed with kids ;)
The party was rainbow themed and my sis' and her love had made the banner their selves. They also had  colored cups with treats for the kids as a thank you gift. And of course yummie birthday cake!
I was in charge of the birthday cake and let me tell you, making a fluffy vegan cake is very very very hard! Sure you can do fruitcakes or tarts, but an actual cake is a BIG problem. 
I tried many many many different recipes. They all failed but one. And then a few days before the big day, while I was testbaking, that one failed me as well. So you can imagine my frustration and despair. At one point I was close to tears 8{

I suspected my oven to be part of the problem so I tried the recipe again at my sis' and fortunately it worked.
But I wasn't completely convinced yet. I browsed the web again and came across this recipe by Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. Everyone seemed lyrical about their recipes, so I immediately ordered their cute little book and got to baking. 

It was their vanilla cupcake recipe that I used to bake the birthday girls cake. It was soft and moist and not too dense. Now I'm not going to pretend that it's just as good as a regular-egg-cake, but it's as close I could get. In the end we did a mini vegan cake for the birthday girl and a regular-egg-cake for the guests.
Yesterday I was busy baking all day, breaking a sweat over their rainbow theme. I'm so happy things worked out and the cake was yumm. Before I knew it it was finished!
Wow children's parties are super noisy! But so fun. I am exhausted though. Of of to bed now.

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