Thursday, September 6, 2012

I caved...

I caved and ate a smoked mackerel sandwich...  I feel so bad, but it tasted so good!

I had an extremely long day at uni and I needed some good food to get me through. I stopped by this cute little place I've been wanting to try in a very long time. And they had so many yummie things to pick from, but that mackerel sandwich with cucumber and lemon mayonnaise sounded so good...
So I caved and ate it! Every last crumb was devoured by me and my gluttonous mouth.
I should have taken a picture so you could see how yumm it was but it was allready gone and finished before the thought even occured to me... So here's a picture of the shop window.
This picture really doesn't do it any justice so I 'lent' some from their Facebook page to give you a better impression.
Doesn't it all look soooooooo yummie! And they have a super cute terrace in the back so you can have a beautiful view of the canals while enjoying your tasties. The place is always busy and the terrace seats about 4-6 people so you need a bit of luck to get a seat. But if you do it can be bliss.

I have decided this is going to be my "I-have-long-day-and-deserve-something-nice-on-Tuesday-spot."
So if in Amsterdam on a Tuesday during lunch hours, you might just bump in to me enjoying their super delicious items :)

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