Thursday, September 13, 2012

Purikura fun!

I love love love Purikura! And just like every other girl that has been to Japan, I went crazy in all the gazillion Purikura stalls. I spend way to much money on it, but it was just too much fun :)

For those of you who don't know what it is. Purikura are the cute l(sticker)pictures you can make in photo booths. They come in all kinds themes, magazine, fashion, beauty, cosplay etc. and in some shops they even have clothes, accessories, costumes and make up you can rent or borrow. You can add all kinds of backgrounds and special effects to the pictures making them super cute!  

Anyways, thanks to this app I can now have some FREE Purikura fun at home!
It's called "Rakuga Cute"and it's the first one from left. It lets you add a lot of bokeh, stars, hearts, glitter and other fun stuff! It also provides a "lightning" feature which reduces any blemishes you might have. Personally I don't mind seeing a spot here and there, but most people like that perfect sheen Purikura gives you. One shot and poof, all your blemishes are gone.

Either way I thought I'd share a cute Purikura edited picture.
I'ts a bit grainy but that's because the picture was taken at night with bad lighting. Just look at those cute hearts, sparks and bokeh! Sigh, I  LOVE Purikura!!!

PS: I also use the other picture apps to add filters etc. The one on the right "PriPri Marron" is a bit of a hassle to work with. You can only use it for portrait pictures but it has some nice filters. I don't really use it but it just looks so cute ;)

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