Monday, October 1, 2012

Fully Certified!

So proud to finally say: I'm a fully certified TEFL teacher!!!
After months and months of dragging myself through the course, extending one, two and maybe, maybe even three times, I am finally done. Yippee!

Don't get me wrong the course is really interesting and I learned a lot, but I had a hard time finding the time for it. I, of course, had to do the 140 hour programme, 'cause you know, why take the easy way out if you can do it the hard way. Juggling school and two jobs with the course was quite a challenge.
I really enjoyed the weekend course and our teacher Alison was the best! But I learned the most from the grammar awareness course. I've been speaking English for most of my life now, but my grammar was quite rusty. I was just passively using language and now I have once more learned why I use certain patterns, what functions they have and what they're called. Kudos to me :)

So what's next now? Not sure really. Still need to finish my masters at uni, but sometime next year I hope to be one of those lucky people living their dream in a foreign country...

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