Monday, October 1, 2012

Peter Pan Collars

I am obsessed with peter pan collars! Like really literally obsessed. I could wear some kind of peter pan collar any day everyday. Of course I don't, since that would be a bit uncreative and well boring. But that won't stop me from gathering as many different types as possible.

Initially I had set my mind to making them myself, and I actually did do a few, but I was really dreading to do the cotton ones. I had the templates and all but it just seemed like so much work! Fortunately my good friends in China sell many types of collars on Ebay for a fraction of what you'd pay for it here. So I bought two: a cotton one and a metallic chain-like one. And while I was at it I also bought another arabesque-ish metal collar necklace. Not really a collar and certainly no peter pan one, but cute none the less. Ooh! I almost forget, I had also bought this gold metallic one at Primark. I think it was about €5 which is acceptable, but in most shops they start around €10.
The first ones I made are of course crochet. I made one in blue and one in cream. I used the cheapest yarn ever and faux pearl buttons I had left from an other project. I LOVE them! If you want to have a go yourself, check out the patterns here and here. I also made a leather one, which is more of a necklace than a collar. I used some leather scraps I had lying around so it's not necessarily a color I would buy, but hey you work with what you've got. Here's how I did it. The last one I did was made of felt using the Honestly... wtf tutorial. It is super easy! I used that iron-on-stuff that sticks fabrics together when heated, but you can also use a long ribbon, pull it through completely and tie.
I bought them, but like I said, you can find many tutorials on how to create your own cotton collar, like here, here and here. And doing a metal chain-like collar necklace is not hard either, check out here and here.

Now of you go and DIY!

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