Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Cookie Galore

Cookies for everyone! Or so it seemed the past weeks.

I still tried that tutorial for making your own Totoro cookie cutter, but it seemed a lot easier than it was. At least to me. I wanted to try smaller cookies than the one I made with a stencil but they just didn't look like Totoro and had a lot less cute appeal :(
So I made some more with the stencil for my friend Jo, who is both a Totoro and a cookie lover! Hers are chocolate and matcha, also very yumm. After a while I got so tired of cutting everything out that I made some tricolore cookies for a quick finish.

The last batch I baked was for a housewarming gift. I decided to keep it nice and simple and just made three flavors, vanilla, chocolate and vanilla & raisins.
Can't see another cookie anymore!

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