Sunday, July 15, 2012


A small glimps of all the yummie things I've been eating.

I've been so lucky to find an old Surinamese lady who is willing to teach me and my cousin the ropes in Surinamese cakes. Last week we did an upside-down-cake. It turned out a bit dark on the pineapple side due to the dark sugar we'd used, but it still looked ok. I will try it another time myself, cause we deviated a bit from the recipe and I felt it tasted a bit to eggy...
While our cake was in the oven she served us some tasty Surinamese savory pies. I have to admit it had chicken in it. But I knew she had made them especially for us, so I just couldn't bring myself to tell her that I didn't eat meat anymore.
I later continued my meat-free-meals with this tasty midnight tofu snack. Hiyayakko is so easy and I enjoy it any time of the day, but since it's a cold dish it's especially tasty in summer.
Today my sister spoiled us with some ubertasty nasi kuning. It was a welcome home diner for my mom who came back from vacation today. There was also a shrimp dish and frikadel. She really went all out. Felt so happy I could dig in as well! Hmmmm enak enak ;)
Today I also tried my first made-from-scratch chiffon cake! But I'll tell you more about that some other time. For now it's time to hit the sack ;)

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