Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pandan cake

Ooh I have wanted to make this cake soooooo badly for such a long time!
It always seemed like it would be a whole lot of trouble with great risk of failing, but turns out it is really easy! I won't lie to you, there can be lots of pitfalls. But thanks to all those other great bloggers out there, you CAN learn from other peoples mistakes!

Ok so I've been looking out for a chiffon pan for a while now, but I just couldn't seem to find one.
So when I went to my Asian super the other day, since I knew they also sold all kinds of other household appliances, I had an eye open for it. And there it was... my very own chiffon pan. Yippie!!!

One of the blogs I follow
Happy Home Baking, has some awesome chiffon cake recipes and I later found this great post on many chiffon cake pitfalls by I eat I shoot I post, so I was good to go!

I was very surprised at how fast the batter was made and how effortless it all seemed. Within no time my cake was in the oven. And it turned out soooo yummie! 
It was really soft and moist, with that lovely airiness that I love so much. Hmmmm, just thinking about it makes my mouth water again!

But, there are of course a few things I still need to master. Patience is not my virtue, so I have a very hard time waiting for the cake to properly cool before removing from the pan :(

This inevitably results in an delicious but not so pretty cake .Also I need to figure out how many eggs to work with. Happy Home Baker uses a smaller pan than I do, but she uses larger eggs. So I did adapt the recipe a bit (I upped it one egg) but I feel it needs a bit more work. And since my oven is not always cooperating, aka the temperatures are all over the place, I need to determine how to tune it best to get the most beautiful and delicious chiffon cake.

That being sad, I enjoyed my cake enormously! And before I knew it, it was already finished.

Here's the recipe I used, enjoy!

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